ABB to double workforce at power engineering and operations center in India

2015-11-04 - New Delhi, India, November 4, 2015 – ABB has announced plans to double the 600-strong workforce at its global engineering and operations center in Chennai over the next two years.

ABB strengthens commitment to India’s economic development

2015-11-04 - New Delhi, November 4, 2015 – ABB doubles workforce at its global engineering and operations center in Chennai and opens a new UPS production facility near Bangalore.

ABB’s largest ever robot is 25 percent faster than the competition

2015-11-04 - The IRB 8700 is the market’s best performing high payload robot with the lowest total cost of ownership.

ABB: Steering through challenging markets

2015-10-21 - Zurich, Switzerland, October 21, 2015: Third-quarter highlights

ABB Comem dry-type resin/silicon bushings pass stringent pollution test in South Africa

2015-09-23 - Today's market requirement for reliable and safe electrical equipment has led to the emergence of breakthrough technologies for ABB transformer components.

SmartMill™ to bring advanced embedded control to grinding mills

2015-09-17 - Harnessing multiple variables such as feed rate, rotation speed and mill load, using an advanced predictive control solution, will greatly improve productivity and efficiency

ABB to cut downtime for Ecuador’s state oil company

2015-09-11 - Petroamazonas EP turns to ABB’s Emax 2 technology to protect generators from sudden surges - and avoid time-consuming and costly shutdowns

ABB unveils intelligent voice-activated smart home system

2015-09-09 - Zurich, Switzerland, Sept. 06, 2015 – New free@home system controls 60 functions and enables combination of processes using ‘if… then’ logic.

ABB accelerates transformation: Stage 2 of Next Level Strategy

2015-09-09 - [No lead text]

ABB to install microgrid solution in South Africa integrating multiple energy sources

2015-09-03 - Zurich, Switzerland, September 3, 2015 – Solar-diesel microgrid with battery-based stabilizer to provide power back-up to ABB premises in Johannesburg

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