ABB: Next stage of unlocking value

2016-10-04 - [No lead text]

ABB state-of-the-art microgrid to power African hub of the International Committee of the Red Cross

2016-09-29 - ABB’s hybrid microgrid to provide uninterrupted power supply derived from traditional and renewable energy sources while reducing carbon emissions

ABB to divest cable business to NKT Cables

2016-09-21 - Zurich, Switzerland, September 21, 2016

ABB introduces IRB 1200 Foundry Plus 2, smallest foundry robot in its class

2016-09-14 - ABB Robotics today unveiled its latest foundry robot for material handling and machine tending, the IRB 1200 Foundry Plus 2.

ABB Robotics’ proactive Connected Services in action at South African Pioneer Foods’ bakeries

2016-09-08 - Take Pioneer Foods’ cutting-edge bakeries, then add a service agreement with Connected Services from ABB Robotics and you have a recipe for success in world-class proactive service.

Solar Impulse proves innovation, technology and pioneering mindset can address global challenges

2016-07-26 - ABB alliance partner Solar Impulse completes round-the-world flight with zero fuel, showing we can run the world without consuming the earth. As a pioneering technology leader, ABB is putting this message into practice

ABB: Solid progress on profitability

2016-07-26 - [No lead text]

ABB introduces the IRB 1660ID, the market’s most versatile compact robot

2016-07-04 - ABB Robotics today unveiled its latest compact robot for arc welding and machine tending, the IRB 1660ID.

Solar Impulse arrives in Europe, pointing the way to the future of transportation

2016-06-23 - The pioneering solar aircraft has completed the first flight of its kind across the Atlantic, proving that the latest generation of sustainable technologies can enable a new era of environmentally friendly transport systems and solutions.

ABB inverter dramatically boosts performance of solar power installations

2016-06-20 - ABB starts shipping a central inverter, an essential component in every solar installation, with a 40 percent increase in power density

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